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Workshop on employment of persons with disabilities at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

In order to clarify to employers the topic of employment of persons with disabilities and the ways in which they can apply inclusive procedures in employment, the Youth with Disabilities Forum (YDF) in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and with the support of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce organized a workshop on the topic of employment of persons with disabilities.

Close to forty employers from various industries had the opportunity to, in addition to the active exchange of examples and experiences, gain additional knowledge about: the legislative framework and the rights of persons with disabilities; types of disabilities; guidelines for communication with persons with disabilities, as well as what types of adaptations to the workplace and environment are necessary for a person to be able to function in the work environment.

The workshop was opened by assistant director Vidosava Džagić, who pointed out that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has been dealing with the topic of socially responsible business for over 15 years, promoting this type of business as the only sustainable one where companies pay attention to and implement support programs for both people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups , such as children and the elderly. On the basis of the signed cooperation agreement with the Youth with disabilities Forum, Chamber of Commerce undertook to inform its members about the Job Fit: Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities project, funded by USAID, and implemented by project partners: Youth with disabilities Forum, Caritas Serbia, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Smart Kolektiv and Center for independent living of persons with disabilities.

Jovana Krivokuća-Milovanović, executive director and Slađana Lević, program director of YDF, invited the present employers to register on the YDF portal for employment of persons with disabilities and find an adequate candidate for a specific job.

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