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Forum mladih sa invaliditetom | Youth with disabilities forum

Youth with Disabilities Forum participated in the conference “For a better education”

The “For a Better Education: Creating a School Environment Where I Thrive” conference, organized by the “Nauči me” organization, took place online on Saturday, October 14, 2023. The event drew approximately 700 participants from the education sector across Serbia. The conference was structured around three thematic units, which were extensively discussed:

  1. The Use and Impact of Technology in Education: How Technology is Transforming the Way of Learning and Teaching.

2. Teaching financial and entrepreneurial literacy: how to prepare students to become responsible individuals in society through the development of financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

3. School, a place where I feel good: how to create a school environment where every student feels accepted and supported.

The Youth with Disabilities Forum participated in the third thematic block, where we were invited to speak about the position of young people with disabilities in the education system and on the labor market. Executive director Jovana Krivokuća-Milovanović and program director Slađana Lević spoke in front of YDF.

YDF representatives shared their experience on the challenges faced by young people with disabilities in the education system, as well as the challenge of the transition from the education system to the employment system. The participants were given tips and suggestions for overcoming the mentioned challenges and how to really make the school a place for everyone.

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